Anons Send Me Root Vegetables

I have taken entirely too long getting this and my other cosplays up here, so we’re starting with the one I’m most proud of: Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2, made and worn for GYGO 2011 at Mount Holyoke College.

These aren’t the most flattering pictures of me, because they were taken while I was flustered and in the middle of running from everywhere to everywhere else while I was MC-ing GYGO (photos taken this October, the orange thing around my neck is my staff badge). The shirt was a lot of work, but it is the most badass thing I have ever made for a cosplay. The gloves I did not make, they came with a previous incarnation of this costume that I bought online that did not fit (it was labeled as XL, with an XL tag inside, but while everything else fit fine the shirt and skort were made for an S-sized person at best). Because I wanted to accentuate the floof of the asymmetrical train, I wore black workout shorts underneath a Halloween store “plus size” petticoat for volume and more modesty than the original costume’s bootyshorts provide. I wore a pair of badass black boots that I already owned, since I have always thought the brown ones Lenne/Yuna wears clash with it. My ears are not pierced, and it was a costume DANCE rather than just a convention, so I did not partake of her eight-inch earrings. A reference image of the original outfit is also included. :3

Depending on how the brand runs I am an [American-sizing] 18-22, and 5’9” tall, and I have never felt so good about myself while in costume as how I felt, even while at the mic in front of more than a hundred people, at this event. If you are reading this as a person of size, never be afraid to cosplay. Do it as much as you like. I have done amateur cosplaying for a few years now, and I am fortunate enough to have never received negative feedback based on my size at any event. Take pride in your work, and take pride in yourself, and remind yourself that you look as fucking awesome as you do while you do it!

(This somehow turned into a really motivational post, how did that happen? XD But I’m glad it did.)

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